‘Ten suggestions for the budding avant-gardist.’

Ten Points


  1. Construct your own marginalities, micro landscapes. This is an easy task requiring one difficult step. You must forget the Oedipal imperative in every institutional connection. Become an orphan and a nomad.

  2. In a world where the majority seek their own repression, do not seek after instruction. All you can be taught is ignorance and deference.

  3. Style is identity and signature. It is the antithesis of critical adventure. Celebrated architects are failures in this regard. If they were truly creative their first act would be to dispense with such redundancies and change their own work. Ignore them they are the dispossessed.

  4. To become successful you must acquire the means of action. These are not talent, initiative, drive and ambition. They are influence and prestige. These are at your disposal through the manipulation of existing institutions. To begin you must become a self-propagandist and adapt top what follows.

  5. Do not fear the rejection of a critical elite. You can be certain that they will reject your work out of hand since they operate paranoically. Acquire the means of reproduction and proselytise your work. It growing popularity will provide opportunities.

  6. Laugh at all talk of authenticity. This is the language of the State and is fraudulent. Its goal is the suppression of all creative initiatives in the arts.

  7. Create a heated rhetoric and do not fear public rejection. This will establish your reputation more rapidly than liberal equanimity will.

  8. Construct multiple initiatives for the publication of your work. One will never do since you will need one hundred possibilities to secure one certainty.

  9. Avoid the authenticating drivel of critics, historians and other rag pickers of the miserable, Since distortion and idealism are their economy, they will transform your creative initiatives into banalities for the blind consumption of the State. Deal with them in their own terms. Invert their craving for certainties with false information.

  10. Make no easy drawings. All demands for lucidity, clarity and transparency are acts of suppression. In the face of difficult work the reactionary squirms.

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