Data Formalism

co-incidentally we are pushing an agrarian agenda here in Preston as
the main trajectory of the new post-graduate course. It has been
constructed on what we feel is the inadequacy of the ‘landscape
urbanism’ agenda. We have ambitions to reinvigorate a critique of
modernism from the perspective of an agrarian analysis working through
the 19th century American ruralists and european anarchists
(Kropotkin, Proudhon), through Geddes, and a contemporary regionalism;
revisiting Wright’s Broad acre agenda and its revision under
Hilberseimer to the more radical geographical strategies of the SI and
Branzi’s development of Archizoom. At the back of it is an interest in
moving away from a commodity architecture and the fripperies of
parametric-ism and all aspects of an object architecture.
If you’re looking for an agenda which has a little more substance than
the data formalism of Winny Maas, then I can provide it, and would
love to get involved with the AD. If your interested let me know.

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